Obok and Gossip

Obok the Gardener and Gossip Addict


This is probably the craziest game I've ever played. (Juan Nushio Rodriguez)


Obok the Gardener is a classical space-shooter (external link), time-reversed and rethemed to take place in a bio-engineering facility from early industrialization (from an alternate history of industrialization, obviously). It is non-violent except for violence towards the player.

Gossip Addict is a reversed-gravity platformer, featuring the ususal moving platforms and monsters. It is set in a pre-industrial village and is completely non-violent but encumbered by stereotypes.

Obok the Gardener and Gossip Addict together were my entry for the Liberated Pixel Cup (external link). I still provide the original submission. Since the contest, the game slowly converges to what it would have been without any time limit.

The current version is 0.12. Read the Changelog to see what's new. The program is licensed under the OINM license version 0. The artwork is under a mix of libre licenses (see within for details).


The artwork was done, or based on work done, by: See the release tarballs for details.